Team brief in english

HJK (Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi) is the most successful Finnish football club in Finland and in the European competitions. The record-holding champion has won the Finnish championship 27 times and the cup 13 times. Furthermore, HJK Helsinki is the only Finnish club that reached the UEFA Champions’ League group stage in the end of the 1990's and the UEFA Europa League group stage in 2014. The home for Finland's number 1 is the Sonera Stadium.

HJK 07 Helsinki is the representative team for boys born 2007. Boys in this team have been selected from different teams around Helsinki through try outs. Team is at the highest top level in Finland and takes part to quality tournaments abroad and in Finland.

We practise 4 times a week with our head coach Kari Naakka and assistant coaches Niko Rajala and Mike Peltola at the Sonera Stadium area. Self-training is also a prerequisite for our team players and part of the training program

Contact us:

HJK Junior Academy Director
Miika Takkula (miika.takkula[at]

Head Coach
Kari Naakka (kari.naakka[at]